Device information:
Cab Axio may collect details about the devices you use to access Cab Axio services, including the geographic location ,contact information, mobile network information, device IP address, software and hardware models, operating systems and versions, file names and versions, preferred languages, unique device and advertising identifiers, serial numbers, and device motion information.
Save Credit Card Information:
By using our service and making payment through credit card, you are obliged to allow Cab Axio to collect your credit card details. If you are using another person’s credit card, we may collect the information of credit card holder.
Delete Credit Card Information:
Cab Axio may delete your credit card details on request or if it does not have a purpose to retain. Cab Axio have to retain such information for a specified period if there is any outstanding credit or an unresolved claim on your account.
Show "Delete Account Procedure" & Link:
Cab Axio deletes your information that may not be required to retain. Cab Axio will delete your account if the account is not active for 30 days. Cab Axio may not delete your account if there is an outstanding credit or an unresolved claim or dispute on your account.